Monday, July 28, 2008

the after party dancing

OK so I figure this is the only way to dance with two boys who both want to dance with me at the same time. The alternative is to dance with one and have the other hanging precariously from my leg crying and screaming - "pick me up" , "up", "my turn" etc..... Oh I love to dance with them, it fills my soul with such happiness and lightens the darkness of a crappy day. However, not always but most of the time it ends in tears.

concert time

Putting on a show on a rainy day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

you know its winter when...

The kids have a constant stream of snot coming from there noses
The leaves and flowers fall from the Frangappani tree...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What is to be....

So, I was thinking today about why the hell the kids couldn't occupy themselves for longer than 30seconds whilst I made frigging vegetable soup attempting to be the good house wife and have dinner cooked by 9.30am, keep the new house spotless in case anyone dropped in to check it out and try to keep the kids from scratching the 'new floor', and lastly keep unpacking and cleaning some more. I have been so pre-occupied with getting organised and getting this house done I have lost my connection to whats important, to what makes my heart sing. Bugger it all - they are kids they want to push their matchbox cars along a floor (who wouldn't) and they want me to play (who wouldn't). I have to get back down to their level, to my level - back on the floor let them crawl all over me , tickle them till they scream with delight and abandon those unrealistic expectations that aren't really mine but someone else's before me that said that to have a clean house was important and scratches on the floor wont sell a house, and dirty clothes means your a freak and not clean. I have two kids, unless I tie them up each day or lock them in t he playroom they are going to make mess - and why not it is so much fun. I say kids with dirty clothes at the end of the day are kids that have had fun all day - they have dug in the dirt, eaten mud pies, splashed in puddles , discovered that sandpits are actually full of cat poo, and have brought the worm they found in the garden inside. Time to get back to reality - my reality.