Friday, May 16, 2008


They cover you
They warm you
They hug you and hide you
They sleep with you
They dance with you
They walk and they run with you.
Long, short, puffy or tight
They come in every colour
But they shouldn't come in white.
Last night I thought I was going to go mad attempting to make Myles a pair of cords, flared at the bottom and trimmed with some vintage fabric - sounded good in theory and the image in my head was even better. However, in the wee hours of the night, after several re-sews and a few pins in the fingers I was ready to give up sewing FOREVER. I just couldn't get them right, something had drastically gone wrong somewhere and I couldn't figure it out. However, I managed to finish them resulting in this funky number below:

Something to play in and something to dance in......these funky little pants were not well received by their intended owner, as he has all of a sudden become quite fashion conscious and refuses to wear long pants - even in the freezing cold weather we have had lately.

After being somewhat upset by his response to my funky pants and sulking for a while and doing the "why do I bother thing" - I got over myself and decided I would just make him shorts next time - something he likes:

Some pants that will make him roar,

Some pants that will make him soar,

chase down baddies and

battle with a dinosaur.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

back in action

OK I have been out of action for over a month now and loads has happened.
In short the last month has consisted of a holiday to Victoria, purchasing an Avocado farm, starting a small business with a friend and moving house twice.
The holiday was great, Melbourne was fantastic, however, Dan and I have vowed to go back there alone without the kids and experience the little coffee shop/restaurant lane ways, shopping and galleries without the kids. I don't really care what anyone says but taking my two boys for coffee and shopping is just not that enjoyable and they weren't particularly interested in the 18th century art at the gallery either. However, I must give a memorable mention to the excellent playground equipment at the galley that kept them amused for ages. All they wanted was parks, large areas to run and shout and all mummy wanted was a trip to the shops without a shop assistant having a mild anxiety attack about my kids getting behind the "precious clothes". So thankfully, after a day we set out from the city and hit the country to visit Daniel's brother who lives about three hours from Melbourne. It was so nice to get into the country, have loads of space for the kids to play, go four wheel driving around a farm, see koalas three feet away, pat a sheep, a rabbit, and a horse and run in paddocks with other kids - and just be wild. Also it was so nice for Dan and I to be a bit wild and catch up with his brother and partner - who are inspirational in so many ways. They are "life is to short to just sit around and think" type of people and I admire them so much for that. We had such a great time and even the cold weather was so nice, we had a fire going every night and snuggled under rugs in front of the fire each night. I was so inspired whilst I was there I even started a joint painting with Lisa (a masterpiece waiting to be finished I'm sure) and have begun painting again since we came back.
OK so piccy's for this month are as follows:
Melbourne (just before we venture into the art gallery)
a glimpse of 'the farm'
some new pants for my boys
And so much more......