Monday, December 10, 2007

christmas craftiness

My mum visited today and very politely told me how badly our Christmas tree looked. I really couldn't be bothered to tell her that Fynn had ripped most of the decorations off and had either eaten them or put them in the same place pens disappear too.......however, when compared to her own tree that is full of handmade decorations each placed lovingly with lots of thought, ours did look like crap or as she put it "like no-one cared". So after feeling really guilty we decided to move the tree from Fynn's reach, (which ended up requiring us to move several pieces of furniture) and her and Myles re-decorated the tree. After they had finished we finally had a tree that "looked liked someone cared about it". My favourite things on the tree are the handmade Christmas balls mum made for us with our names embroidered on them. It has become quite the tradition now and every time there is a new grandchild, new girlfriend, new cousin etc... they receive one. My other favourite thing is the angel I made from clay about 5 years ago with Daniel, before we had the kids, that hangs all year round in the boys room and makes a special appearance on the tree each year.

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Gwyn said...

Whenever I need to ceoncentrate at the shops I have been parking the double stroller near a xmas tree and my boys have been stripping the decorations off - there are a lot of trees around here that look like no-one cares about them around the bottom anymore!