Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love Christmas and it is no secret.
I love the decoration, the excitement, the carols, the dancing on bench tops to Jingle Bells that's been a bit of regular thing around here lately, the lights, the summer weather and the anticipation of the big day. Mostly I love the gathering of family and the sharing of beautiful fresh food, recipes from old that only come out mums shortbread and Cathy's (Dan's mum) casata.
I love the anticipation of the day, the night before, where Santa tip toes through the house, whilst we're all asleep, leaving behind his snowy footprints throughout the house and the reindeer's have eaten all the grass and carrots that were left for them. The magic of it all...the smiles and the joy and the sharing, laughing and togetherness that Christmas brings.
May the magic of Christmas touch us all.