Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This moment in time

Dan and the kids are in bed, the room lit by the soft hues of the Christmas lanterns hanging from our tree that was plucked freshly from the yard, crickets and frogs noisily chitter chatter amongst themselves, a lone owl hoots somewhere in the darkness within the branches of a tree -me and them the only ones awake.
The beauty of this place, it sounds, its rhythms, its colours have captured my heart and each day I'm here I grow more in love with it and feel more inspired, more grounded than ever.
The natural bushland that surrounds me is my ashram and it is there I feel at peace - my meditating spot amongst the trees, trees older than me, birds I have never seen before, so many unknowns, so many new places to explore and discover.
Lately I dream I'm flying. The last time I dreamt I was flying was a time in my life that brought a positive shift in my life. I realise when waking that I'm finally living a dream that I have had for so long and I thank the universe for letting me experience it.

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