Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goosing around

The geese have proved to be excellent weed mulching machines and in their movable house (made from a trailer), they were initially doing their intended job very well. However, now we have loose geese on our hands as they have found a way out of their run. We were penning them in an area with chicken wire during the day, their house at one end where they are locked up at night to stop them being the foxes dinner and moving them around the orchard every two weeks. This was quite labour intensive, but in my eyes well worth the extra work to not have to spray weed killer all over the place. So we have decided it's time to invest in a solar powered electric fence to keep them in a concentrated area.
They are such a beautiful bird and apart from being difficult to herd into their house each night (every now and then), and escaping their run, they have been a worthy investment to the farm particularly in our pursuit to have this place producing organic avocados one day.

This weeks agenda also includes planting out a newly tilled plot with winter vegetables and loads of garlic. This area has been really interesting as the soil requirements for growing avocados is quite different to growing vegetables. The condition of the soil has to be changed and improved by adding compost, chicken manure, potash and a layer of lucerene on top - so it can hold water better than the sandy soil we have (avocados hate having wet feet). I have built the chook house in this area so once one plot is harvested I can place the chooks in their to do what they do best and fertilise the area - and eventually rotate them throughout each subsequent plot.

However, before we get to this - it boules and BBQ at the farm this weekend for friends. Its going to be a busy but fun weekend on the farm.


Amber said...

That sounds like magic. I love your kind words for the lovely birds. I cannot wait to hear more of your organic avocado farming.

The Magic Onions said...

Lovely photo of your geese. They look so proud.