Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The boys and I have been enjoying wandering, exploring, and enjoying time at home over the last few days - getting out into the sunshine before it disappears behind a cloud and it begins to rain again.
The fungi's are in bloom on the farm and have provided an opportunity for us to go out exploring, observing and letting our imaginations take flight. They are appearing in so many different colours, shapes and sizes. So naturally beautiful in their form and colour some look like seashells hanging from a rock, or perhaps they are imitating a penny wart leaf, and yes you wouldn't believe it - a fairies staircase climbing to the top of the timber fence pole. The last image didn't come out very well but it shows the colours of these three I found together, all in the brightest of autumn colours.


victoria said...

Remarkable! Like a fairytale.

gardenmama said...

Wonderful mushroom finds!
I just posted twice about mushrooms, we are addicted to finding them in the wild! : )