Friday, July 24, 2009

As a part of the Environmental Journals project I did with Myles’ class last term - I decided to end the term with a fun project for the kids to do that would reward them for their efforts. After reading the Charlie & Lola Book: Look After Your Planet - I was inspired to put my own recycling challenge together to let the kids have a hands on fun experience of recycling. So I started by painting a massive tree and cutting out leaves from newspaper – the kids were told that they had to bring in 5 plastic, 5 tin and 5 paper/cardboard pieces of recyclable rubbish from home and would each get 15 newspaper leaves to stick on the tree. If they all completed the task within two weeks they would win and avocado tree for their vege garden. The task was met with great enthusiasm and before we knew it we had a lot of recyclable material piling up at the school. Not wanting to just put it in the recycling bin we decided that we could utilize the materials brought in for another recycling challenge - An ‘Art-from-Waste’ competition. Our little project even made it to the local paper. And yep they won the avocado tree.


gardenmama said...

What a great project to take part in!

belinda said...


I love the idea of the entire activity. I have to say I am highly impressed that you managed to reuse rather than recycle as that is so much less energy intensive.

Kind Regards