Monday, June 9, 2008

The farm

Ok so I have been holding off writing anything about the avocado farm for ages, partly because it hasn't felt real and it is four months until we move there. The first time we went there I knew straight away it was I wanted to do - the abundance of flora and fauna and the amount of space for the kids to run around in sold me straight away - it just felt right. However, since visiting the property a couple of weeks ago to get shown around some more and generally be given some lessons in "avocado farming" by the current owner my anxiety level grew somewhat. The reality that we have several hundred avocado trees, 170 macadamia trees, 60 olive trees and a few citrus trees to take care of and give some love truly hit home. After about ten minutes of walking through the rows of avocados I began to feel slightly concerned about what we had gotten ourselves into in - how on earth was I going to tell the seven varieties of avocados apart, how exactly do you know when to pick them, prune them, water them, mulch them, fertilise them? This is going to be a huge learning curve, lifestyle change and the best of all a big new adventure that I hope to be able to detail through this blog every now and then.

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