Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes for the past six to eight weeks we have moved around again from house to house thanks to family and friends who have kindly put us up or lent us their house, we have been able to 'squat' and keep some sense of routine and family life through the chaos of this renovation. After nearly finishing this renovation I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is all beginning to feel like it has been worth it. So many times I have questioned the worth of it all to us emotionally and to the kids and I probably will always wonder what if we didn't, what if we did it differently, however we did it and we stuck to a plan and have seen it through. I think if it wasn't this going on it would be something else. Somehow I have this idea in my mind that moving up to the farm will slow the pace of my life down and things will be vastly different. I know in many ways it will be different - I will have a place to put our roots down, put holes in the walls and not worry and to dig holes in the ground and know that I can plant a vege patch and it wont be destroyed within months to make way for landscaping or a new house, to bake in a working oven and have space for the kids to run and run and run. It's nearly over.

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