Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swinging in the new year

After spending the first few days of our post Christmas coma on the beach, in and out of the fridge eating left overs, on and off the lounge reading new books and watching new DVDs, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing Lego, and playing with the favourite toy - the dreaded water pistol, we decided we needed to get active.........and within one day we made a trip to the local fauna world, put up a swing for the boys, erected the bird house that was made the first week we arrived and Myles put on a play for us all. Oh how good that swing is and how much I giggle every time I get on it.....quite possibly I love it more than kids.
The new year has started out beautifully, with a unexpected late night (3am) up talking with dad about the benefits of organic farming (and no I'm sure I wasn't on my soap box). I spent most of new years day lounging about and eating. Thankfully Dan was very active and constructed a new enclosure for the coming arrival of our new geese and a house for them to sleep in at night. He is so very, very clever and made them both out of recycled materials found on the property.
I'm feeling really excited about the New Year and all it is to bring......


karenjane said...

ooh it looks like lots of fun, making me miss my rope swing when i was a little girl. and it looks like you had plenty of options of where to hang it, so many beautiful trees on your property. look forward to seing your geese in their recycled home

Victoria said...

I love that birdhouse.
Geese are the funnest things to watch - such drama!