Monday, February 23, 2009

What does one do with an entire afternoon when the other half takes the kids to the circus. I had so many things I wanted to do and there were so many things I needed to do. So with the washing pile spewing out the laundry door and looking like a monster that had climbed from the depths of our septic tank, I decided on the want list and began on the sewing projects that had been sitting waiting to be to be finished and those that hadn't began such as the pencil scrolls for the boys. I ended up finishing Fynn's and got a start on Myles'. Being a total inexperienced sewer I used corduroy and it was fraying so badly, that I ended up fraying all the edges and it ended up looking great. and then ended the evening as follows: Magazine, a glass of wine and swinging in the hammock in the quietness of the early evening.

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karenjane said...

ahh the second photo looks like pure happiness to me, looks like you had a nice relaxing afternoon. washing can always wait!