Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This new chapter

What a week it has been with Myles starting school. He has taken it all in his stride and is loving it, not a grumble, not a tear in sight.
However, for me, it's been tears and anxiety, and I think I have broken down all the feelings and thoughts racing around in my head to the one fact that 'I'm no longer in control and I can no longer protect him every hour of the day', I have worried about the choice of school as all parents do. But really what is there it protect him from that isn't going to make him stronger, that isn't going to make him more inquisitive, that isn't going to give him the insight into what the real world is like - he is in a loving environment, surrounded by loving teachers (2), a bunch of great kids and a beautiful environment with chooks running wild and a vege patch, a dedicated principle, and a community of parents wanting to support the school. I figure with his school environment and the choice we make to live our life...he is going to be fine and he is going to get the eduction, the creativity, the passion and zest for life, that we wish for him.
On the subject of changes, I have started wearing an apron (odd but very practical), have baked banana bread for him when he gets home from school, offered with a glass of Milo (just like I used to have) and have heard my mum in myself every afternoon, telling him to 'take his bag in his room, get his lunch box out and put it in the kitchen and get out of his uniform and out play clothes on'.....OH how it hurt to say those words...but yet so damn practical and how right she was ...and how it didn't really seem that long ago I heard her saying them.

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Amber said...

Oh wow, i am feeling for you. I have held my little man back for now and just doing lots of unofficial homeschooling stuff. But so many of my friends have sent their babies to school this year and their sadness breaks my heart. I completely agree with what you have said in this. The fear we are no longer teaching them and yet we cant shelter them forever. It is a real time of letting go I guess.
What a beautiful mummy to bake and welcome home after his day.. He will keep these memories just as you have. You strong and gentle mothering is a delight to read....xxxxxxx
Thinking of you