Friday, April 10, 2009

happy easter

Recently I put up my prayer flags and have been consciously SENDING LOVE.....SENDING LOVE TO THOSE THAT NEEDED IT.........and found myself this week immersed in love with the surprise visit of my beautiful nieces from Dubai. We had the most crafty two days with them ever..... full of colour and imagination, concerts with bongos, drums and tambourines, dancing and a hilarious version of Little Red Riding Hood. When we said goodbye to them tonight and got in the car, Myles was reading my mind and said.."I'm going to miss Mia and Chloe so much".....and so will I - they have such a connection these kids and I'm certain they will for the rest of their lives - no matter what the distance between them. Love is strong and will keep them bonded.

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gardenmama said...

What a beautiful heartfelt post, we just put up new prayer flags over our veggie gardens at the beginning of Spring, I just can't help but feel their presence and as you mentioned I always find myself sending out a prayer for others as they wave in the wind.
Be well.