Monday, November 12, 2007


It rained so much last week, I found myself and the kids going stir crazy by the weekend. So as soon as the sun shone through the clouds I declared that it was - "time to get out into the bush". Nothing like a bush walk to calm everyone down, reconnect and get some exercise at the same time. Once I actually got everyone out of the house, in the car, and convinced myself not to got back inside for a nap, had Myles walk further than 10 metres without wanting to be picked up it ended up being a really nice afternoon, with Fynn eventually snoozing in the sling, curled up like a little possum.
I finally invested in a good bird identification book, took that along with Myles' binoculars and tried to do some bird watching. Initially I bought a simple kids bird book just to test out whether we would get any value from a more detailed one and after a couple of trials we all found ourselves really getting into it. It was nice to come home later and still talk about the birds we saw on the walk, have a look at their pictures again and try to draw them, or just sit out in the backyard and try to identify the very limited variety of birds that visit our yard.

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Poppy & Mei said...

I can't wait to get back to OZ, buy a bird book & go bush with the kids!
There aren't so many birds left over here as it is so built up. One or two pop in for a visit but it's mainly crows & pigeons I'm afraid...