Friday, November 30, 2007

A Ghostly Week

Well its been a strange week around here. Firstly the T.V blows up (not such a bad thing), closely followed by the computer (very bad), the phone is on the blink and a glass of milk was spilled on the keyboard. Luckily we salvaged what was on the hard drive but the computer has unfortunately flat-lined and I have had to borrow one from work for a while.
A friend suggested that all these mishaps were perhaps related to an unhappy ghost that wasn't to pleased about the renovation. Dan and I have always sensed we had a ghost, but we felt that it was a friendly one watching happily over us. Dan believes this is why Fynn doesn't sleep well, as his sleep went to crap once we moved in here. However, I'm sure the baby whisper wouldn't agree with him. I would rather think that if it is a ghost, it is simply sending us a subtle message to stop spending so much time in front of the telly, the computer and gas bagging on the phone and start talking to one another more, start doing things we love and inspiring one another in creative ways.
Its been nice without the electronics, I have started making clothes for the doll that I'm making for Myles for Christmas and have even got his quilt out that got lost in the "to do pile". Amazingly I even started another two small quilts for..........well l'm not sure, I just felt inspired and went crazy with the scissors cutting material that has been sitting dormant for way to long in my cupboard.
Apart from that, the vegetable patch has provided us with an abundance of goods this week. Surprisingly whilst trying to stake up the tomato plants that have gone 'wild' I found two enormous cucumbers hiding under them quiet joy of it all.......

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Poppy & Mei said...

Fabulous way to look at everything blowing up! I wish our TV would blow. When we move back to OZ we can't take the TV with us so I'm thinking, "No more TV for us!" (maybe)