Saturday, March 22, 2008

parties, organisation and ramblings

This weekend we went to a beautiful fairy party for our niece - Ava. Whilst leaving the house in our usual fashion - in a mad rush, with Daniel deciding he needs to go to the toilet just as we are about to get in the car, Myles not finding his shoes (because he's to busy kicking a ball), Fynn following me from room to room wanting to be picked up and share the toothbrush that is hanging out of my mouth as I attempt to pack a bag and at the same time yell at everyone "where's the sticky tape", I realised how disorganised I was. Once again I had left the present shopping to the last minute and we had to stop on the way to pick up a gift - hence the need for the sticky tape in the car. As much as I try and think about getting organised I just seem to get distracted by other things. However, this weekend in the car with tension mounting we decided to just accept that this is what happens, accept we were going to be late and hence we all relaxed and the tension between us all fell away. So I'm going to accept that I'm a disorganised person and see what the universe does.

Anyway, whilst getting the kids dressed for this fairy party it reminded me of a fairy party Myles went to when he was one and the huge effort Dan and I went to to make Myles a elf costume. We sat up till the wee hours of the night and hand sewed him a little costume with buttons, pockets, bells and all. He looked so cute. Unfortunately there was no late night costume making this year - just sleep catch up.


Rach said...

Lovely blog. Just had to let you know that both my husband and I eat our icecream with teaspoons and we love icemagic...

Poppy & Mei said...

Oh now that is the cutest thing ever...EVER!
Just keep this pic in your purse & flash it around when you are late & I promise you will be forgiven...;) Xxx