Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Crazy Week

This past week has seen the wheels well and truly fall off. I love this photo of Dan whilst he was doing some crazy dancing with the kids - his face so perfectly sums up what a crazzzzy week we have had. Myles is not recovering well from the Scarlett Fever, (which has sent me into a mild panic with my imagination working over time as to whats wrong with him), we have all had the dreaded cold that seems to be gradually spreading through everyone I know and Dan has been working weekends on the house for what feels like an eternity. So in an attempt to get some colour back into Myles' face and get him and myself outdoors and off the lounge we set about picking the fresh beans our beautiful bean vine has given us this season.
Whenever the wheels fall off I seem to retreat to the garden for some time out. I can lose time in the garden, the ramblings of my mind get dug into the garden and all I think about is our mini vege garden and try and work out why some plants grow better in one spot and not so good in another, water beading on leaves, how a pumpkin leaf looks just like a huge funnel, and watch the bugs do their thing as they pollinate our flowers.

Fynn has managed to keep us all smiling with his recent toothbrush, shoe and hat obsessions. He has such a great sense of humour, is so cheeky and such a comedian.

I decided to take on Tracie's tag challenge and write 7 weird facts about myself - so here goes:

  1. I love eating ice cream in a cup with a tea spoon and have a love of ice magic (that delicious chocolaty stuff that goes hard on your ice cream);
  2. I love to sleep in late;
  3. If there is a candle burning in front of me I 'have to' play with the melting wax;
  4. I wish I had been an entomologist (someone that studies insects);
  5. I hate cleaning with a passion - ironing infuriates me, come to think of it I actually I don't even know where my iron is;
  6. I wish I could make more time to paint, do craft, garden, paint my toe nails, do my hair (actually some days I forget to brush it and it goes straight up in a pony tail), get a massage, do yoga, and meditate everyday;
  7. I cant sit at my desk with my feet on the floor. Either one or both legs has to to be tucked up under my bum.


shelleycaskey said...

i love the pics of your garden - so lovely! and what sweet pictures of your little ones. and it was so nice to learn some fun 'weird' things about you!

Amy said...

I liked reading about your garden and also about the seven things. I thoroughly agree with #6, or I guess I mean, that could be about me!

Thanks for the comment on my blog about potty training. It made me smile.

Have a great day.

Bird Bath said...

It's been great to read about your gardening. It looks special...and those eggs.Wow!Our garden is forlorn. I hope to get outside more in Autumn. I'm with you on

Poppy & Mei said...

yum beans! just stay out there i reckon.
i'll take #6 thanks 'cause you already know how i feel about ice-cream & choc...Xxx