Thursday, March 20, 2008

The sewing machine emerges

Last weekend, my sewing machine emerged from the deep dark depths of my wardrobe, a place where life hasn't been in some time, a thick layer of dust covering everything and forgotten goodies rediscovered by exploring little fingers. A couple of hours later and a lot of deliberation about material selection my beautiful nieces and I have sewed two little bags to take on their journey to a new home in Dubai. Filled with their cameras, journals and pencils to record new magical places, people and adventures, they set off on Wednesday with their mum (my sister) and little brother (bags over shoulders).
A day of mixed emotions - lots of tears and many thoughts reminding myself it wont be forever.


Amy said...

Wow. That will be quite the experience for your sister and the girls. I don't know much about Dubai but I daydream about taking my family to another country for a while. Someday.

Poppy & Mei said...

Wow! How incredibly exciting.
What a thoughtful Aunty you are.
I'd love to hear more...Xxx

Anonymous said...

I dug my machine out of the depths last week also and discovered that cockroaches have been living inside it!