Monday, February 11, 2008

following the trail

Today, after being cooped up inside for a couple of days with sickness and beginning to feel sorry for myself , I sought refuge at my mums . After Fynn attempted to destroy her house, touch, open, push and prod every thing he knew he couldn't I decided it was a good idea if we got outdoors for some fresh air and a stroll. It didn't take long for Fynn to find a mass of ants to lay in and closely observe as they crawled all over his hands and up his pants. Myles and I decided to find out where these ants were coming from and where they were so busily going. We began with the mass of ants Fynn had found at the front gate and followed their trail over and under trees, through tunnels so small only an ant could clearly fit through, up a branch of a tree, along the edge of the fence, down a crevice of bricks and finally we reach it.......their palace...their castle....their home. then the questions began - How have they built it, how do they get it to stick to the wall, what are they carrying in there, what do they eat?
I love to get down to the kids level and see the world as they see it, a small tiny busy world of ants building their own castles, cities, and towns, to shelter in, to store food in, a place to have and shelter their future generations. Ah....the imagination can wild in place like this.

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