Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Thanks to my little helpers in the garden and lots of chicken wire erected to keep those pecky chooks out, we finally picked our first eggplant and watermelon on the weekend. We were all extremely excited by the watermelon and there was much anticipation as Daniel cut it open. I had plans to go outside and have a seed spitting contest, much laughter....pink faces dripping with watermelon juice. I had been wondering when to pick it and by the size and colour of it I thought it was definitely ready for eating, however, from the look on Dan's face once he had made the first cut and his little sigh....I knew it wasn't ready. It had only just started to go pink in the middle. I'm going to have to get the books out and find out when to pick them.
So to get over the disappointment Dan decided to make pizza bases with Myles whilst I had a shower. I left them happily weighing out the flour and talking about what toppings they were going to have. Little did I know that when I left this happy little father son cooking adventure I would return to a kitchen that looked like a pizza dough oven had exploded - water all over the floor, pizza dough on the walls and floors and a large pile of goo on the table - apparently pizza dough. (I'm still finding bits of pizza dough around the kitchen). I'm not going in to details, but it involved a temper tantrum, some bad instruction and lots of paper towel. However, miraculously, the pizza dough was salvaged and we had delicious pizzas for dinner and will try again next week.

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