Saturday, February 23, 2008

An eggy kind of week

More eggplants from the garden today.
This week we all tried to get back into the routine of things after the past couple of weeks of sickness. I attempted to be a 'domestic goddess' in my half of a house that seemed to have a steady flow of workers through it, tools laying all over the place, and tiles falling through roof as a new roof was put on. However, after asking Dan if it was safe to stay inside and being told sarcastically "yeah honey you and the kids just sit under the dining room table for the rest of the day" - I knew I would have to abandon the goddess within - the cleaning could wait (hooray), cookies would be bought rather than baked, and instead settle for a week in parks, at mums and at any ones house that would have us.
Fynn decided this week that he would like to begin his day at around 1am. After attempting to persuade him otherwise and miserably failing to get him to sleep after 2 hours last night I contemplated starting my day at 3am, blogging, reading the rest of my book, maybe cook some pancakes or even take the dog for a walk why not even wash her I thought. It all seemed quite do-able at the time until I started to think about the very long day ahead...dealing with Myles' crazy Saturday mood, dance class, a 5 years old party I had to go to, Myles' after party sugar highs and lows, and a very tired Fynn. So I just decided to give in and give him more milk and get some more sleep. Thankfully he went back to sleep and so did I for an hour or so until I was awoken with what I thought sounded like someone whipper-snipping the edges of our lawn at 4am. I nearly got up to investigate who the hell would be doing such a thing at that time of the morning (perhaps another mum with a child that doesn't like to sleep) until I realised it was actually Dan snoring.
I think I'm just staying up late tonight because I'm scared about the night ahead, I know it doesn't make any sense to stay up late and I should be getting all the sleep I can before he wakes up but I seem to get a second wind at about 7pm and get motivated to do all the things I cant in the day and nothing ever makes much sense when your sleep deprived.
So if I have to start the day at some ridiculous time tomorrow morning I think I'll look up some eggplant recipes - "how to cook eggplant seven different ways".


shelleycaskey said...

oh, i can totally relate. my 3 year old is quite the night owl at the moment! i'm trying to find our rhythm again. :) those eggplants are beautiful!

Yarrow said...

I am the same way, dreading the interupted night ahead, so I stay up instead of getting rest while I can. What's up with that? Seems that everyone hashad some sort of bug this time of year, no matter where in the world you are. Gorgeous eggplants, I am envious.:)Lovely blog.

Poppy & Mei said...

I've been up 2 nights in row with Pops coughing through the wee hours.
I can soooo relate.