Saturday, February 16, 2008

todays a new day

this week has been........,well, eventful - going from mediocre...... to frightening.....some personal fears were dragged from the fearful depths of my mind in to reality when Myles was rushed to hospital and after an extremely anxious wait we were told he had Scarlet Fever and thus spent the next two nights sleepless in hospital, anxiously checking he was breathing every five minutes, seeing if his temperature had finally gone down and the red blotches had in any way subsided. Its been a week that I could say I would rather leave behind, but I think after everything that has happened this week, I'm taking away from it the fragility of my precious little life, and how much bigger it could be, how a mothers intuition should never be ignored, how very deeply I love my family and how today is a new day that needs to be filled with joy.

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Poppy & Mei said...

Right on sista!
You are in my thoughts...Xxx