Friday, January 11, 2008

A Girls Night Out

Friends......Meg, Karen and Me.
This week I had a girls night out , a night away from home, the kids and the hubby, in the big city to do a spot of shopping, see a band a do lots bonding as we girls do. It was fabulous, the band"Kings of Leon" was great, even though I did have a slight toe bleeding incident from being to far up the front amongst die hard rocking fans and getting my feet jumped on. However, once I moved back a little from the front, (after realising I was not up for being amongst "the pit") I enjoyed a night of dancing, sweating and jumping up and down like a mad woman.
More than anything though I enjoyed spending time with my girlfriends whom I love dearly, and don't get to see enough. However, I know it is a great friendship as we can not talk to one another for extended periods of time and when we do get back in contact its just so natural, no bullshit, and I can feel totally myself.........I love them.
Thankfully though we now have a permanent night organised each month to have dinner and catch up - it is one of those essential things in the routine of my life I need, enjoy and love to do. I think time to do things like this is so important in keeping your sanity sometimes.


Amy said...

Can I agree with you whilst not feeling insane yet?
I would love a night like this. (Ryan Adams is coming to Tucson this month!)

Amy said...

I'm such a dork I didn't check to see if you were in Australia first. I should've known!

Poppy & Mei said...

I can't wait 'till Mei sleeps through so I can do the Mumma night! You're all gorgeous you know...Xxx