Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Magical New Year

What a Magical New Year it is going to be - new adventures to be had, new lessons to be learnt and taught and endless possibilities for the future. More than anything, more enjoyment of watching my three beautiful boys - all with beautiful, affectionate, cheeky, gentle souls that bring me more love, joy and anxiety than can ever be expressed in words. Reflecting on the past year with my little family, the serious lack of sleep, trying to be a domestic goddess, hormonal madness, moving house (again) etc....and finally coming out of the post-natal cloud that consumed a lot of the year, I have really learnt to start to enjoy them again, watching them grow and learn, watching Daniel and myself grow and learn more about one another, and seeing the beautiful friendship and love evolving between Fynn and Myles. I have also discovered the true gift of great friendships and family. I have tried to learn to be more content and mindful that I really do create my own happiness and not to forget the happiness that the simplest of things that can make me, like being in the garden and getting dirt under my nails, or when I'm having a bad day to get on the floor with the kids, let them crawl all over me, tickle them and take joy in the best sound of all - their laughter.
So my resolution this year is to work on keeping balance in my life - between the spiritual and the material.
"May this year be magical"

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Very nice Shea...Xxx