Monday, January 7, 2008

Left to their own devices

I love to sit and watch the boys when they are absorbed in their own little worlds enjoying what each loves to do in the time/stage of their development.
Fynn is happiest outside in sand/dirt and especially loves to play in water. His little senses experiencing the simple pleasures of water running through his fingers, mud squelching between his toes and tasting anything and everything he can fit in his mouth. He gets very excited at the sight of puddles, dripping taps and swimming pools - flapping his arms around and trying to dive bomb from our arms into the nearest water body. He placed himself in the bowl of water above and sat or ages playing - so cute.
I think I have mentioned before that Myles loves constructing things, he is a natural with a hammer and nail and can hit a nail in a piece of timber straighter than I can. It is the one activity that can keep him utterly absorbed for longer than 10 minutes. With all the construction going on around here he is kept occupied by constructing things with all the scraps of wood, metal and nails and never ceases to amaze us with his structures. The only problem is keeping our resident demolition man - Fynn - away from the long enough for Myles to perfect and balance every last piece just the way he intends it to be.


Poppy & Mei said...

Lots & lots of thinking going on there...Xxx

Amy said...

Is that an Australian Cattle Dog? That's what we have! She is sweet with our little one, but LOVES to lick. I call her lizard tongue.