Sunday, January 6, 2008

Thumbs up for a day at the bay

A day at the Bay with Nanny and Poppy and Uncle Todd who visited from Melbourne was a highlight of the holidays for us all. Myles was in his element when all "the men" went fishing on the boat and came home with fish and crabs for dinner.
The next day was spent on the beach where we started off building a castle for sea creatures to visit at night. Myles constructed a seaweed path for them to follow from the water so they knew exactly where to go at night.
And we even saw our own little sea monster, who Myles delightfully helped dress up in seaweed...

Later, Myles and I went for a walk and ended up on an brilliant adventure on 'rock island' (termed by Myles), a place for pirates, pirates treasure and even mermaids.

After following lots of secret paths, discovering loads of treasures we knew the pirates who inhabited this island had been stealing from mermaids, as we found a mermaid's earing,
and a mermaids necklace.
The pirates, unhappy with us taking their treasure, eventually caught up with us, put us on their boat and made us walk the plank..................................

After a lot of "ARGHHHH me matey, shiver me timbers ya scurvy dog", we fought off the pirates, and escaped with the mermaids treasure. What an adventure, an adventure full of magical, dreamy moments that I certainly wont forget in a long time.

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ada sunday said...

Looks so beautiful there. We will have to do a trip. Myles is so lucky to be able to go out fishing!