Monday, August 18, 2008


I realised today that I very rarely have a whinge on this blog or say how fucking crap things are. Its like I save it for only the good times when only good things happen. Well today I want to know where the frigging pause button is on the kids, when the snotty noses will end and when the fuck will I get my sanity back. I was thinking today how I thought my patience level has grown, but then I actually realised I think Im just way better at tunning out than I used to be. Yesterday the bathroom was flooding and I could here Myles telling Fynn that "Its not funny" and then yelling out to me something. I thought they were merely having another tiff again and thought I would let them sort it out. Then Myles starts yelling that there is a mess, so I ignore him and tell him to turn the tap off I could here running. Really it should have clicked at that point - but for some reason it didn't - I think I was enjoying the fact they were playing so nicely for once together. He tells me he can't and is still yelling about something - so I drag myself from the coffee cup and paper and walk into the bathroom where I find Fynn having a jolly good time splashing around in the pool of water gathering in the bathroom. Mess - there just seems to be one mess after another. Life just seems like one mess after another sometimes. I want someone to clean it up for me - to understand whats going on in my head, file and orgainse my thoughts, interpret them for me and give me all the right answers.

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