Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to pack an Avocado 101

So last week we went to the farm to learn how to sort and pack avocados. (I missed "How to pick a Avocado the previous week because I was in Melbourne with friends) .
I really didn't get a lot of packing lessons in as I spent the majority of the time chasing the kids round the place and watching Fynn fascinated by the moss under the trees (He loved the feeling of it in his little fingers -such a tactile little man) and him and Myles pick up avocados from the ground that had been blown off from the wind - which we got to bring home.
The process is rather simple. You take the avocados that you picked and....
put them in a sorting machine, which also brushes any dirt off, sort them again as they go through and then pack them in boxes according to their size, put a sticker on them and send them off to market. All in all a good day, much learnt and lots of fun had by all. This weekend its pruning avocados trees 101.

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