Thursday, August 21, 2008

new finds

Today was a day of new finds. Myles has finally found his bush walking legs and went the entire walk with out wanting to be carried. It was such a beautiful day in the bush with the kids today I felt like we were in a bubble and all we could hear were the birds, the running river and the trees blowing in the wind.
We also came across the threatened plant species tetratheca juncea that is flowering at the moment. Since I began trying to identify plants I think I'm becoming a bit of a plant nerd and loving it. This plant is normally really hard to identify out of the flowering season because its usually a leafless shrub with clumps of stems to 1 m or more in length with deep lilac-pink flowers. When present, the narrow leaves are about 2 cm long and lack a stalk.

I also caught this rare moment of my boys sitting quietly entranced by the water together until Fynn threw his water bottle in and we had to fish it out.

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