Monday, August 4, 2008

little red in the hood on a monday afternoon

Myles and I spent the quiet two hours we had alone today (whilst Fynn slept) and decided to make some finger puppets which lead us to creating an entire puppet show with props and backdrops. We used my friend Tracie's finger puppet drawings for Little Red Riding Hood and the Hunter and made a Big Bad Wolf and Grandma from the same template. We had to make a couple of accessories for our characters including a special axe for the Hunter to kill the Wolf and a basket of goodies for Little Red to take to Granny's house which apparently consisted of a 'carrot, sausage and apple'.
We made a forest and granny's house backdrop and Myles picked some flowers (actually nearly all the flowers we have in the yard) for Little Red to pick on her way to Granny's house. Of course we had to familiarise ourselves with the story and have a read of the book before we commenced and then a discussion of who was going to be who . It was so much fun with Myles as the Hunter and Wolf and me as Little Red and Granny - he got right into it and was so excited to put on a show for dad when he got home. All in all a good day at home.

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