Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy busy busy

We have been very busy around here at the moment, preparing for the upcoming market, but still managing to play.
Myles (equipped with some sort of contraption on his head that either shoots or flies you some place grand), super-mum (decked out in her super girl cape for catching baddies that like to hit/pinch/scratch/pull hair/taunt one another whilst she isn't looking), and Fynn ( well...looking funny) in chalk.
For Sale:
A one bedroom fully furnished house (including a flat screen TV and hat rack), with kitchen, spacious living/dining area, decorative features, easy care outdoor area and swimming pool with diving board cleverly accessed from the roof of the house that allows you to dive over the double garage (that has plenty of room for your spaceship, mail delivery truck, motorbike, helicopter etc.....)
The perfect bachelor pad for three single Lego men.
Oh seriously this little house was so much fun to make and Myles has had such a crafty burst lately wanting to invent, make and craft with me....wooohoooo. We have seemed to of gotten over the angst that went along with doing craft for a while (more than likely brought on from me trying to hard to get him to do things he wasn't interested in to often) and since letting go of the idea that my kids would LOVE doing craft just as much as me, and doing things more tailored to his construction interests he/we are now enjoying the special time we have together in the day when Fynn is sleeping and he is actually asking to do craft - I wont say no to that and take this change of heart while I can no matter how much else I have to do.


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karenjane said...

sometimes they unfortunately dont get excited about what were excited about do they! i know the feeling. i used to plan activities ahead of time (which im supposed to do as i run family day care) and then no one would be interested. highly dissapointing. ive learnt to go with the flow and ask them what they want to do and like youve found making is much more fun for all this way!

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