Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pushy bike ridin

Our car is broken, so today the kids and I were on the push bikes around town, having milkshakes, playing in the park and doing a couple of 'drop in's' on people - it was so much fun and Myles was so good on his bike.
On the bike you get to feel, see and experience the day in a different way- the colours, the smells, the temperature aren't blurred by window tinting, air conditioning and pine scented air fresheners. It was "such a beautiful day" in the sunshine under a bright blue sky, as Myles kept reminding me periodically throughout the day.
However, Ive got to say the slap on the cheek from a minor bird I received and the swooping magpies were not taken well - actually screaming and constant flinching at shadows followed and many,many questions about why they would do such a thing.
I felt at one point that I didn't want the car to be fixed and that I could get about on bike all the time - until reality set in and I started think about the rain, running late, tired bubbu's and the need to be somewhere that is greater than 10 kilometres away. However, the bikes are going to get some use this year as long as the magpies stop swooping us.

favourite ted's/dolls were along for the ride as well


Poppy and Mei said...

Thank goodness for bike helemets, eh?
Everything is so exciting for you right now, can't wait to see how it all turns out! XXxx

Brett said...

Alright Shea, get the legs pumping. It's a pity there isn't much for bike lanes around, you have to deal with the idiots in cars. Doesn't help that they think you are a fag for being on a bike, but go for it, think of the pollution you aren't making. And take a stick for those birds, they'll stop soon anyway.

jodi said...

happy biking!