Thursday, October 9, 2008

this boy loves to build

Myles - He loves to build, to construct, and invent - he is happiest with a hammer and drill in his little hand (that can just hold on to them) and building something. Today he built an aeroplane from scraps of wood - very impressive, the other day it was a packing, picking and pruning machine. He has so many ideas and plans I thought a special book to draw all these was just the right thing for him at the moment - so he now has his own construction journal to draw all his plans and ideas in - and he is loving it. All he wanted from the library this week was a book on building, recycling and leaves. Somehow, with the help of the librarian whom he bravely asked for help we found one on leaves and recycling. However, for building I grabbed a few architecture books I had at work and we have been going through them looking at the different ways buildings are constructed and he has been drawing his own buildings from that - A "dinosaur castle" inspired by Gaudi and "Elmo's World" inspired by yep...Elmo.

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