Monday, October 6, 2008

A great weekend

Friday - Saturday
The 'long' weekend began with a 'long' Friday night getting anxiously prepared for the local handmade market where Tracie and I were selling our craftbags. The late night was well worth it and I enjoyed every moment staying up getting all the small details ready. There is something that happens to time when you do something you love - you loose it. Anyway, the market with its beautiful atmosphere set off by musicians, beautiful handmade goods and local produce was a great success and something that has been needed in Newcastle for such a long time. It has given us the encouragement, inspiration and motivation to keep on going with our ideas for the bags and more!
On Sunday we ventured to the farm again to finish the last of the pruning and fire a list of questions to Richard (the current owner). I couldn't help but think how the place has changed since we have been going there. There is so much activity in the air - beetles, bees, butterfly's and other insects zooming around busily feeding and foraging amongst the sudden bloom of bursting buds and new growth all around. The photos I have taken from the house of nearly the same location in the beginning on the year to this weekend show the change in season and thus the change in colour perfectly.
A rainy day spent indoors in our pajama's all day, cooking, sewing and trying to think of activities to keep the kids happy - so out came the bowls, the flour, out of date herbs, sugar and water and thus a glorious mess was made, covering every ones clothes, the entire back deck and tiptoed through the house several times to get more ingredients - because really who can make cupcakes with just flour and water - a lovely day.
Some Holly Hobby Sheets I had as a kid made into pajama pants for Fynn the glorious mess begins to evolve


karenjane said...

hi, thanks for your chooky advice, within a couple of days of leaving a msg to you another girl started laying! guess she got the hint! i will look into what im feeding them though, its just what i got given with the chooks so have no idea whats in it lol. i had fynns pant's fabric also but in pink as curtains, how cool were we! mine got chucked in the shed as rags and then i found them, scrubbed em up and turned them into dolls blankets. love his pants

Anonymous said...

Hooray for recycling our childhood sheets into clothes for our kiddies!

jodi said...

will have to get to that market someday soon!

Poppy and Mei said...

And I love a glorious mess...sometimes...XXxx