Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two Today

I love this beautiful little soul, each and every day he makes me smile. He is like a ray of sunshine when I wake each morning in my usual slow waking, grumpy way. We went round the table tonight and everyone had to say one word that described Fynn and everyone wanted to say funny or cute. And it's true he is just so funny and so cute. So cute I believe he gets away with so much more than he should at times - those eyes, those lips and that smile get me every time.
i love the way he says 'mumma'
i love his smile that puts a smile on every ones face
i love the way he moves my head to one side so he can put his head on my shoulder
i love the way he brings the sling to me when he's tired and wants a rest on my chest
i love the way he cuddles in to me when he is in the sling
i love to wake up in the morning and surprisingly find him in our bed after he has crawled out of his cot and navigated his way to our bed in the dark
i love the way he says 'uppy' when he wants to be held
i love his fearlessness and natural inquisitiveness
i love the way he says 'luv you to'
He is absolutely happiest out doors pottering around in the garden, riding his 'cooter' and playing with Myles, doing and saying everything that Myles does.
Tonight for his second birthday we had his favourite food for dinner - pasta and for dessert chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream.
No matter how insane reality can be sometimes, my boys make the world feel delightful and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

he is a beautiful boy!

jodi said...

happy birthday little one!

karenjane said...

hope he had a great birthday, what a beautiful little one he is. me and my partner have fynn picked out as a fav boy name for when we have a baby, so i must say i like your name choice for him!

Anonymous said...