Monday, October 8, 2007


It's taken me a long time to accept, understand and finally appreciate boys play. Its rough, its energetic, its pulling things apart to see how they work and using all dads tools to do so and as hard as Ive tried to discourage it, at age four its all about superpowers, superheros, and super villains. Their little imaginations are exploding at the moment - I love to sit somewhere where he can't see me and just watch him play, interact with his friends and enter into a world where the garden hose becomes a snake tied around your friends body and the swings are the spaceship and your friend from school who is trapped in a dungeon is being rescued from the jaws of a rainbow coloured dragon that lives under a rock and breathes fire that only you can see. One of the great things about boys is that at one moment they're friends, the next they're "not being you bestest friend anymore" and literally seconds later they have forgotten about whatever upset them and they're friends again, flying to the moon in a cardboard rocket.

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