Monday, October 29, 2007


Four days before we are set to go on our 'very anticipated' first family camping trip last weekend, a bout of gastro went through all four of us. Myles was the first to fall victim followed closely in matter of hours by Fynn, myself a day later and finally Dan the day we are meant to be leaving for 'the' camping trip. After concluding that night we couldn't be bothered going camping, we woke the next day and strangely decided that it was a good idea to go, and even stranger got packed within two hours. I think from an entire week of four people pooing and vomiting in the one house we were desperate to get out of what felt like a germ ridden house. I look back now and actually can't believe we went, however I'm so glad we did. Although, Myles and Dan got a slight relapse of the gastro, Fynn vomited an entire bottle of milk on our bed, a bush turkey ate our potato's, forgetting lots of essential items (thank god for our understanding, organised relo's) and finally a tick embedding its little head in my tit (which later became infected and had to be removed at the doctors) it was a great weekend.

As long as you are prepared to be dirty, not shower as frequently (no difference for me) and smell like a camp fire it is one of the best things you can do as a family. I loved the sound of the birds first thing in the morning, catching fish on the beach, amateur bird watching, walks on the beach alone and/or with the kids, having a quick dip in just your undies and singlet, sand crumbed kiddies, the smell of sunscreen and more than anything everyone enjoying being together and singing songs around the camp fire you never thought you remembered the words to (eg. Tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree, Hello Dolly...well hello dolly).

We were extremely privileged that we had Dan's brother there who is a chef and he cooked up a absolute storm - a'la gourmet camp style. And not to forget the 'hunter's who provided fresh fish to eat daily. Dan very bravely and successfully took our car on the beach. It was scary particularly when cars ahead were getting stuck and we had to push a couple up hill, but it was also exciting and the kids and adults alike loved it.
It was interesting to see how the kids kept themselves occupied, and Myles (spiderman-less) only had his cousins dolls to play with. It was so cute watching them play with them, putting them to sleep, Myles going for a walk, baby on his back just like uncle Shane. The other really special (and grateful) thing was that Dan's mum and dad each morning would take the kids into their truck (where they slept) and tell them stories. I couldn't help but think that these stories and other special moments of the weekend would be cherished by them forever.

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