Friday, October 12, 2007


Our first chicken has arrived and is appropriately named by Myles - "Happy Feet". As you can see from the photo Myles was beaming. I don't think I will ever forget the look on his face when he came up the driveway in the car and saw the chicken on the front verandah. The realisation, shock and pure excitement that she had actually arrived was so clearly expressed on his little face. He leaped from the car, ran down the driveway, arms going at one hundred miles an hour and picked her up straight away without hesitation or fear. Any initial anxieties I had about getting the chickens have disappeared. I'm so pleased with our newest addition to the family, and I have observed behaviours in everybody that I really didn't expect to see. Firstly, was Myles' lack of fear and the tenderness and love he has shown towards her. I thought at one point that 'Happy Feet' was literally going to be loved to death on her first night. She was chaperoned around the garden in a trolley, pushed on the swing, and was very nearly put in a plastic bag to be carried around the house. Even more surprisingly has been the strange behaviour from the very reluctant dad who I clearly remember saying that "I don't want chickens...the lice....the mice...something else to look after........." Now all I hear is, "she loves me....she thinks I'm her her follow her jump up my shoulder.....she's so cute.....let her inside......" .

Fynn the usual curious observer who loves to experience everything he touches by putting it in his mouth has thankfully yet to put 'Happy Feet' in his mouth and is happy to just follow her around the garden and see what noises she makes when he pats her or grabs onto her tail feathers.

To keep Happy Feet company in the chicken chariot on wheels we are getting another two tomorrow. The disputes over names and who gets to name them have already begun. I'm betting that we come home with three so everyone gets to name one.

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Karen said...

Shea, I love you blog it is really imaginative. Your boys are gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing the blog.