Tuesday, October 16, 2007


When Daniel and I agreed to get chickens he specifically said that he only wanted two. However, since Happy Feet's very happy arrival she now has three new friends, Mrs Peck, Penny and Mrs Tilly. When we arrived at the hatchery, I realised very quickly that Happy Feet, had been spoilt over the past few days, being carried around, hand fed and living in the laundry. There were so many little chooks, it was impossible to choose one and it was a bit of a lucky dip as to what you got. They were literally fished out of there enclosure by the ankles carried upside down and placed in a box. I wish now that Myles hadn't seen them carrying them by the ankles as he has since tried to retrieve a very reluctant Mrs Peck from her new house by the ankles. After explaining to him he could have broken her leg and to be more careful he very promptly told me I could have broken his and Fynn's legs when I carried them both upside down by the legs from the bed that morning.
Daniel and apprentice Myles did a great job getting the chickens new house finished and the girls seem to be enjoying their new home. The chicken tractor however has now become a chicken coop that will more than likely not be moved from its present location for a while. Apart from some door hinges it was made from recycled building materials and has turned out to be a lot larger and heavier than we had initially planned, therefore to heavy to put wheels on. All it needs now is a coat of paint and some eggs.

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tracie said...

you can always send all you dozens of eggs this way. The coop looks great!