Thursday, October 25, 2007


After being inspired by the images from this book, Myles and I went for a wander around the neighbourhood, basket underarm, shoes off, dodging the summer time bindi's and did some collecting. We gathered bark, leaves, gumnuts, rocks, pebbles, palm fronds and seed pods, brought them back home and began constructing what was initially, 'the fairy' house but inevitably became (after some convincing that its wasn't Spiderman's house) the fairies/knights/goblins house. Doing this little activity didn't take long and I felt like both of us for a moment, although brief (in my perception of time) entered into a magical world where macadamia nut shells propped on sticks lite the way to the house for visitors that only came out at night and the little red mushrooms would provide shelter for baby goblins or a landing spot for incoming fairies. We knew the next morning that the fairies/goblins had visited that night from the amount of fairy dust (hundreds of thousands) left behind.

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Poppy & Mei said...

Your beautiful little house inspired us!
Please come over & tell us what you think...:)