Monday, October 8, 2007


Having a one year old that loves to pull every leaf off every tree in hands reach, who likes the taste of those stinky marigolds, loves to face plant in the dirt and eat rocks my new challenge in the garden is to create a place where the kids can safely touch, eat and smell everything without ruining an entire tomato tree or potentially eat something that will poison them. So I have begun planting herbs in little concrete blocks that smell good and when touched leave a heavenly scent on little paws. The best little plant I have found so far is Chamomile 'Anthemis nobilis' because it actually does best when it is stepped on. Walking on it releases the herb’s lovely apple fragrance and does not hurt the plant. Even better is that it is considered to be the “doctor plant” in gardens because its mere presence revives the ailing plants around it. I'm finding that having a little sensory spot like this in the garden just for the kids is a great place for them to actively learn about different plants/herbs, their uses, smells, touch and taste.

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