Wednesday, October 3, 2007


After a slow start to the long weekend we finally got moving on the construction of the chicken tractor and (after deliberating for an annoyingly long time about location, type and size) I installed a small pond in a shady corner of the yard for the frogs/tadpoles. I ended up making a very basic pond from an old dog bed and tried to make it as frog friendly as possible for its inhabitants and added some water plants and rocks. I also fenced it off so the kids can't get in and scare the frogs to death and from the dog whom we know from past experience enjoys drinking the water and its inhabitants.

I cant explain the sheer joy and excitement from Myles when he put the frogs from their small bowl into their new 'luxury' home. I swear one of the frogs was doing laps round the pond and quietly I was imaging it shouting "I'm free, I'm free". We sat for ages just watching them and Myles tried so hard to resist scooping them up for what would seem like a long time for a four year old until he couldn't resist temptation any longer and just had to hold them and have them leap from his hands. Its been such a great experience to watch them develop from tiny tadpoles to frogs. I remember as a kid having tadpoles and being fascinated with them and sitting and watching them eat the mosquito larvae and being so upset when they disappeared into the yard and when dad found one dead in the pool. However, we could always hear them in the yard for years to come. I think its these kinds of experiences as kids that make us value and appreciate nature, its intricacies, fragility and beauty.

My husband who at first was very reluctant to get chickens has agreed to getting them as long as we only get two. This weekend his enthusiasm grew once it came to the construction and designing of their new home which has gone from a small chicken tractor that could be picked up and moved to a chicken mansion on wheels. I'm loving his new found passion for designing chicken houses. Will keep posting updates of its progress.

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